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Seafood export delays – a statement from Scottish Seafood Association. Jimmy Buchan, chief executive of the Scottish Seafood Association, said he was extremely disappointed that just a few days into 2021 his members who export to the EU were being hit by unnecessary delays.

“Trucks laden with fresh seafood are being held up in central Scotland due to problems with customs barcodes and lack of veterinary service capacity. Instead of representative samples being removed from trucks and checked, entire trailers are being emptied so that every box and label can be checked.

“Combined with computer problems on both sides of the English Channel, this is a worrying sign for the days and weeks ahead when the flow of produce will get much greater.

“These issues have a detrimental impact on our member businesses, because ultimately they lose revenue and prices in the market become depressed in reaction to the problems. We are at the point now where the whitefish fleet may have to stop fishing.

“Things are tough enough due to Covid-19 without this on top. Ministers of both the UK and Scottish governments need to get on top of the situation and resolve these issues as soon as possible.”